Six Great Support Sources – Volume 1

Six Great Support Sources – Volume 1

A collection of customer support content, found just for you.

There’s no good reason to link NPS to staff bonuses… is there?

Net Promoter Score is too limiting. NPS does not include key drivers of WHY customers will or will not recommend a company.

And, surely, the same is true of CSAT? There are reasons this is not a perfect metric, either…

Customers don’t always have insight into the complex and time-consuming processes behind their requests, so they may be disappointed with things that are out of the agents’ control

There’s barely a thing about this that isn’t a learning exercise in how to grow a customer support function.

Establishing customer care early is a very public gesture. It broadcasts: we plan to invest as much when the product is in your hands, as we do when it’s in ours.

Even if I say so myself, the benefits of a good quality program to employees are often overlooked. I talked about them here.

Using your QA process to describe expectations of the role in the early days maximises their opportunities to succeed early.

An interesting article on the concept and implementation of ‘Supportability’ as a practice. How easy is it to actually provide support for a new product or major feature?

One way to deal with complexity is for support engineers to specialize in handling as small a set of products as possible so that they can quickly ramp up their expertise.

Building on the ‘supportability’ theme, it’s important to have a great working relationship between support and product engineering.

It prevents each business function deep diving so far into their own world view that they forget there is a bigger picture at stake.