Six Great Support Sources – Volume 2

Six Great Support Sources – Volume 2

A collection of customer support content, found just for you.

I’d really love to meet the company who hires ahead of need (properly, truly), where need is not “our agents are already overworked”, but rather “our agents’ mental wellness is the most important thing, and we will hire enough in advance of need to protect that”.

Inbox Zero is an arbitrary goal; there will always be another customer email or phone call or tweet.

Here’s one way to tackle a huge backlog, though

A couple of acquisitions and organisational readjustments had hit us hard over the previous year or so, and the folks were floundering

A treatise on why concentrating on metrics as a standalone entity is a fruitless cake.

There’s a difference between having a goal to lose 20 lbs, and having goals to increase vegetable intake, decrease pizza intake, and add 30 minutes of exercise to your daily regimen.

So what can you do to balance productivity, happiness and satisfaction?

Your goal when scaling a support team should be to maintain customer happiness by reducing the amount of volume you’re receiving.

Supporting your team to provide good quality support (and allowing them time to monitor it) is key to great CSAT

Tone is a commonly cited reason for a bad CSAT score, even when the agent followed internal processes correctly.

Finally, if you do, when should you survey your customers?

It’s essential to make sure you are surveying your customers when it matters the most, so that the data you collect is helpful and relevant