Customer Support Leaders podcast in the making! – Part 2

Customer Support Leaders podcast in the making! – Part 2

You know why I’m developing a podcast. Today I’m going to tell you a little of the ‘Who’.

First, me. 

Just in case you’ve stumbled here by accident (weird), then allow me to introduce myself. I’ll try not to go on too long. In fact, if you feel you already know me inside out, feel free to skip ahead to ’Them’. I’ve spent nearly 25 years delivering, defining and leading exceptional customer care and support experiences. I’ve worked on the front line in a heated call centre environment, and loved it. I’ve led remote, highly technical teams working on deeply bespoke implementations, and loved it.

I know SaaS, and I know Support. You can’t really spend 25 years on the front line, then leading, then building, and more recently talking to and about Support without knowing what you’re doing. Well, maybe you can, but you’ll just have to take my word for it right now, that I do.

I’ve got Support experience from the inside, but I’ve also spent the last few years getting more deeply embedded in the industry, and building relationships. It’s not something that came naturally to me at first, but I’ve learned to love it. I love talking about Support. I love helping folks in Support. And I love being all over the industry.

Now that’s over with, let’s talk about: Them.

The CS Leaders I’ll be speaking to on the podcast are drawn, right now, from my network. Some of them you’ll recognise from conferences, some you’ll recognise from my interviews on, some you’ll recognise from communities like Support Driven and CX Accelerator, some are drawn from my CS connections on Linkedin, and some are longtime friends. 

What they have in common:

  • I know and respect them all.
  • They all currently hold a CS leadership role of some sort (be it Manager, Director, VP, Head, whatever).
  • They all have a lot to say about Customer Support.
  • They agreed to be on the podcast.

What they don’t have in common:

  • Industries
  • Organisations
  • Technologies
  • Tools
  • Challenges
  • Mindsets
  • Values
  • Opinions

That is to say, pretty much everything else.

And that’s where the value is, I think. We know that every leader and every role and every organisation and every challenge is different. You can learn from every single conversation. I know I have.

I’ll answer another question or two in another post. In the meantime, I’m still recording and editing, but watch this space in January for the big announcement!