149: Fireside with Steve Bederman

149: Fireside with Steve Bederman

Steve Bederman joins the podcast today, beginning a conversation around “omni-plus” support, and taking a tour through change management for large teams. 


Steve is a published author, accomplished leader, and a highly regarded Contact Center industry innovator. With a phenomenal journey throughout his career, his expertise in corporate restructuring and strategic growth brought him the reputation of a renaissance business leader. He is also an Amazon best-selling author having released a very successful series of corporate thrillers.


Now, Steve is the President and CEO of NobelBiz, a Contact Center Technology Company. From a unique carrier-of-carriers network to a complete omnichannel software with social media integration, NobelBiz offers state-of-the art solutions for companies that want to keep their clients happy.


His personal creed is “Make a Promise, Keep a Promise” and he applies it in both his personal and professional life.


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