180: Fireside with Valentina Thoerner

180: Fireside with Valentina Thoerner

Valentina Thoerner is a Empress in the support world, and, having moved from a support lead role at Automattic, now heads up Product at Klaus. Her official title is “Empress of Product”, hence the tiara (though she assures me the truth is the other way round). 


She describes herself thus: “At Klaus, I am the Empress of Product, moonlighting as Guardian of Remote. I am fascinated by the intersection between Product Strategy and Customer Conversation and how a close connection between Product, CX and the customers themselves can level up the entire culture of how these teams work together.”


Here, she and I spend some time chatting about the differences between Support and Product, and how we might bridge the gap.


Valentina joins me also in a love of remote work, so much that she even wrote a book!


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