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A one-day event, for new and aspiring Customer Support Leaders.


You should attend if:


  • You’ve recently been promoted to Customer Support Manager or similar
  • You’re a new Customer Support Team Lead
  • You are targetting a leadership track in Customer Support
  • You want to up your leadership game
  • You want to build an in-person support network of peers in a similar position


At this one-day facilitated Mastermind event, you’ll build a network of Customer Support leadership peers, and start to work together on those problems that you never realised everyone else was struggling with, too!


Five sessions to help you find clarity in key areas, identified by your peers:


Session 1 – Customer Support as a career
How do you see your career developing, and what challenges do you have in creating that?
What about your team’s development? What challenges do your team currently face? Do you have clear progression strategies?
Session 2 – Metrics
What metrics do you currently collect, and why? What’s missing in your metrics? Are your questions being answered?
Session 3 – Customer Support in the business
How is your support organisation perceived in the business? Do you have any organisational challenges? How do you currently measure the value of support?
Session 4 – Data & story telling
How do you use the data you have? What do you communicate and how? Are people listening?
Session 5 – Quality
What is quality support and how do you measure it in your organisation? What would you improve, if you could?
"Really enjoyed the size of the group, it was perfect for discussions. Good diversity of companies and ways of working - I learnt a lot today. The venue and setup were friendly and encouraged discussion."

About Charlotte

I’ve spent nearly 25 years delivering, defining and leading exceptional customer care and support experiences. I’ve worked on the front line in a heated call centre environment, and loved it. I’ve led remote, highly technical teams working on deeply bespoke implementations, and loved it.
I know SaaS, and I know Support. You can’t really spend 25 years on the front line, then leading, then building, and more recently talking to and about Support without knowing what you’re doing. Well, maybe you can, but you’ll just have to take my word for it right now, that I do know what I’m doing.
I’ve got Support experience from the inside, and I’ve spent the last few years getting more deeply embedded in the industry. I love talking about Support. I love helping folks in Support. And I love being in the industry.