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Leadership Training for

Customer Support

24th March 2020
Exclusively online

Help your new Support Leader succeed, fast!


a quality program to consistently deliver world-class support, elevating your CSAT and NPS


data management skills and story-telling to the wider business


how your Customer Support department can contribute and escalate business revenue


actionable leadership and people management philosophies that they can immediately implement in your service team


measures of success within the support team and beyond


customers are served well, by people who understand their needs and respond empathically to them


cultivate an instant network of peers in similar positions in other organisations!

Sessions schedule

Session 1

How other businesses do support
How you can help your team grow their roles in the support organisation
How you can retain staff by building their roles laterally

Session 2

What to do instead of just blindly tracking the metrics your tools can give you
How to choose the right metrics
How to ask the right questions

Session 3

How different business functions have different priorities and how support can relate to them
How to break down silos and build effective collaborations between business functions

Session 4

How, and why, to shift the perception of CS from backwater, to key part of the business
How to use data-driven stories to increase value perception of support in the organisation
When and how to measure customer satisfaction, the problems with it & what CSAT really means

Session 5

What's the huge, un-ignorable problem with all customer satisfaction surveys
What you need to do to begin to rectify that problem
What good support looks like, and who is the best judge whether your organisation is delivering it Why good support is important, not just to the business and the customer, but also to your agents

Registration, virtual coffee & networking: 9:30am

Lunch (1 hour break at 12 UTC)

Wrap-up: 4:30pm

Now exclusively online!