Missed the Mastermind? Here’s the highlights!

Missed the Mastermind? Here’s the highlights!

I’ve come to love these little flashcards on a ring. I bought them, first, just because I needed some sort of little cards for some career stories I was preparing, and I feared running out of long-defunct back sides of old business cards. These cards were a perfect size, and significantly cheaper than traditional index cards, too. So, I went with them. Once I had them in my hand, I knew they were going be a recurring purchase, in rainbow colours.. just because.

This week, I put them to use as comment cards at the Customer Service Mastermind for Emerging Leaders event in London. 

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Throughout the day, we used white cards to highlight and comment back to each other our key takeaways from each session. At the end of the day, I passed out orange cards as my intentionally-simple customer feedback form (one question – “what would you like to tell me?”).

So, I have this little bundle of cards to refer to. I know what each participant in the Mastermind found to be the most inspiring notions and plans, and I know what they thought about the event itself. This little keyring has a bunch of amazing information swinging from it.

Here’s what you missed:

Attendees told me that they learned: 

Session 1:

  • How other businesses do support
  • How you can help your team grow their roles in the support organisation
  • How you can retain staff by building their roles laterally

Session 2:

  • What to do instead of just blindly tracking the metrics your tools can give you
  • How to choose the right metrics
  • How to ask the right questions

Session 3:

  • How different business functions have different priorities and how support can relate to them
  • How to break down silos and build effective collaborations between business functions

Session 4:

  • How, and why, to shift the perception of support as a organisational backwater, to a key part of the business
  • How to use data-driven stories to increase value perception of support in the organisation
  • When and how to measure customer satisfaction, what are the little problems with it, and what CSAT even really means

Session 5:

  • That there’s a huge, un-ignorable problem with all customer satisfaction surveys
  • What you need to do to begin to rectify that problem
  • What good support looks like, and who is the best judge of whether your organisation is delivering it
  • Why good support is important, not just to the business and the customer, but also to your agents

In my own customer satisfaction survey (those orange cards), I learned:

  • Attendees loved the small format, where everyone had a chance to participate in every session
  • Attendees felt encouraged and inspired (and so did I!!)
  • The five session topics were a great start, and all attendees want to repeat the experience with different topics (yay!)
  • The mix of directed discussion and and experience-sharing was a great learning experience
  • And a bunch of suggestions, topics and smiley faces across the board for possible future sessions!

I seriously love this way of working. I’ve always been inspired and reinvigorated by bouncing ideas around like this, and I’m so glad everyone else experienced that on the day, too. 

I’ve got a lot of material to carry forward to another session, and I’d love the opportunity to workshop these same topics a second time around, to see what a different group comes up with!

Let me know if you’d like to attend a future session, or if you’d like me to host one internally in your organisation.

I’m off to buy more little cards.